JavaScripTools 2.2.5

JavaScripTools is a set o JavaScript components, functions and classes to make the web developer's life easier. Most modern browsers, like Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera and Konqueror are supported.


The scripts are compressed using JavaScriptZip, but the original scripts are availiable on the downloadable archive (for debugging / understanding the scripts).


Please, have a look at the live samples to try some of the JavaScripTools functionalities.

Download the latest version here

JavaScripTags 2.0

JavaScriptTags is a set of JSP Custom Tag Libraries that builds the JavaScript code for the JavaScriptUtil libraries. At the moment, there is a single library that has it's tags: The JavaScripTable.

It is built using JSP 2.0, so you need a web server such as Tomcat 5 to run.

Download the latest version here

Both JavaScripTools and JavaScripTags are distributed under the GNU LGPL v2.1 license.

The latest release can be found here.

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