JavaScripTools Manual

Table of Contents

Introduction to the JavaScripTools project
The file disposition on the release archive
Customizing the default values
The JavaScriptUtil script
Introduction to JavaScriptUtil
The declared constants
Working with strings
Working with objects
Working with arrays
Working with dates
Retrieving and setting values on form fields and html elements
Manipulating options on a select box
Manipulating caret and selection on input fields
Manipulating events
The Map class
The StringBuffer class
The Parsers script
Introduction to Parsers
Working with the NumberParser
Working with the DateParser
Using the CustomParser
Using the WrapperParser
Other parsers
The InputMask script
Introduction to InputMask
Working with the InputMask
Working with the NumberMask
Working with the DateMask
Working with the SizeLimit
The JavaScripTable script
Introduction to JavaScripTable
Working with the JavaScripTable
Table properties
Manipulating the table
Column properties
Row properties
Customizing the look and feel
User interaction
Using objects and exporting data